Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Music Career
Overwhelmed by rejection and feeling invisible in the music industry? Discover why your self-promotion fails and how to turn your passion into a profitable career.
"I've been working with Alex for about two months and after a month of working with him, I already found my highest paying gig I've ever had in my life."
Pablo del Pino
Music Composer, Pianist & Singer
"The strategies and insights from Alex are invaluable. His expert guidance has fundamentally transformed my approach to opening doors in the industry."
Sebastian Behnk
Music Composer
"I would like to express my gratitude to Alex for all the invaluable advice he has provided me. He is an exceptional mentor, and his coaching has significantly influenced my mindset, leading to life-changing job opportunities."
Aleksandra Migova
Music Composer (V Rising)
"What seemed like a risky investment to the time, turned out to be one of the best decisions in my career!"
Nikita Malko
Music Composer
"My goal was to enter the video game industry and ultimately write music for a video game. Not really knowing how to get there, Alex showed me the exact steps to take. After sending a few emails, I literally got a reply within two minutes and got my first paid gig in the video game industry. Every meeting with Alex brings some fresh perspective and actionable insights that you can implement right away."
Jesse Heslinga
Music Composer
"Most probably the best tutor and motivator available! I can only advise every composer or music producer in the trailer, film, and especially video game industry who is at odds with the business side or at the beginning of their career to take this business course. The content is not only overwhelming in quantity but also in quality—because it delivers what it promises!"
Marco Herbert
Music Composer
"Working with Alex in the Audio Artist Rise program has completely transformed my plans for my music. His guidance and support have helped me make huge improvements to the sound of my music, as well as to my ability to find work in the industry. I am now working on tracks and albums for major music libraries and it is all thanks to Alex and his program. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"
Matt McDonnell
Music Composer
Music Composers Make the Same Big Mistakes
You might think that showcasing as much information as possible is the key to impressing clients. Having a website loaded with tons of music tracks seems like a good idea, but it often overwhelms potential clients.
When you don't receive replies to your application emails, you likely blame your music. You assume your compositions aren't good enough and endlessly tweak them, not realizing that the real issue lies in your presentation and outreach strategies.
You might also think the market is too crowded and being active on social media is pointless because so many others are doing it and it eats up too much time. This mindset keeps you from leveraging powerful platforms to build your brand and connect with potential clients.
I will show you how to:
  • Transform Your Mindset & Boosting Productivity
  • Enhance Your Music & Demo Reel
  • Craft compelling Application Emails that captivate Your Target Industry
  • Streamline Your Social Media Management with a Single Click
I have already proven multiple times in the past that I can help people like you achieve these things in a short amount of time!
In our 60-minute strategy session, we’ll delve into customizing these powerful strategies for your unique path as a music composer. Together, we’ll unlock your career’s potential, ensuring your efforts lead to real opportunities and success.
On this page, I've also provided case studies that demonstrate how I work and the results I've achieved for others like you in the music composition field.
I wish you much success and hope to speak with you soon!
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