Game Music Conquerors
This course empowers you to excel in both the art and business of video game music composition through comprehensive video tutorials, in-depth dissection of game music scores, and industry-specific knowledge.
After completing Game Music Conquerors, you will ...
Mastering Game Music
Through comprehensive tutorials, this course offers a deep dive into the process of video game music composition. From understanding the initial briefings to delivering a compelling soundtrack, you will gain a thorough mastery of the techniques, tools, and creative strategies needed to compose music that perfectly complements the gaming experience
Decoding In-Game Music
Analyze in-game soundtracks, main themes, and cutscenes to understand the dynamics, loops, layers, and thematic design that bring video game music to life. Gain the skills to create immersive musical experiences that enhance storytelling and captivate players.
Navigating the Gaming Industry
Beyond honing your composition skills, this course equips you with invaluable insights into the gaming industry. You will gain practical knowledge on navigating contracts, budgeting for game music projects, and effectively navigating the job market. Armed with this industry-specific expertise, you will approach the gaming world with confidence, opening up opportunities for successful collaborations and career advancement
Module 1: Video Game Music Essentials
In this module, you will learn the essentials of video game music, covering everything from preparing to compose your first track to the final mastering.
Module 2: Video Game Music Styles
Analyzing and digging deep into all of the various kinds of musical styles that are relevant to understand when it comes to Video Games Music.
Module 3: Mainthemes
In this module, we will discuss everything you need to know to compose successful main themes for video games. We'll explore examples and strategies for approaching main themes across various musical styles.
Module 4: Cutscenes
In this module, we will explore the intricate process of composing music for video game cutscenes. We will analyze various examples of cutscenes to understand the diverse musical requirements and storytelling techniques involved. Additionally, we will take a hands-on approach by working on a video game cutscene project, allowing you to apply the concepts and techniques discussed in real-world scenarios. This practical exercise aims to enhance your understanding and skills in creating impactful musical compositions for video game narratives.
Module 5: Ingame Music
In this module, we delve into the craft of composing in-game music for video games. We will examine a wide range of examples, highlighting various methods and styles of writing music that enhances the gaming experience. Through an exploration of different musical genres and compositional techniques, we'll uncover how to effectively match the game's atmosphere and dynamics. This comprehensive approach aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create engaging and immersive musical scores for in-game scenarios, from high-intensity action sequences to serene exploratory environments.
Module 6: Video Game Business
In this module, we will delve into the business side of the video game industry, focusing on essential aspects such as scheduling, budgeting, understanding non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and strategies for finding work. We'll provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to navigate the industry's professional landscape, from managing project timelines and financial resources efficiently to safeguarding sensitive information. Additionally, we will share practical advice and resources to help you identify and secure opportunities in the video game sector. This module is designed to arm you with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully manage your career in video game development and composition.
Bonus Videos
Enjoy additional bonus videos focusing on various topics such as how to deal with rejected tracks, YouTube Channel Optimization and one of the most important things when working in the Video Games Industry - Mental Health!
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Alex Pfeffer
Your Coach
I'm Alex from Hamburg, Germany, a composer with 17 years in the trailer music and video game industry.
After moving to Los Angeles in 1998 to study music, I started composing for trailers in 2005 with Dynamedion.
I've worked with top companies like Two Steps from Hell and contributed to movie trailers for Pacific Rim and Harry Potter, with my work appearing in over 60 TV shows.
My video game scores include titles like Crysis 2 and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I've collaborated with notable figures like Mick Gordon and written for leading sample library companies.
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However, we have a Discord support group where you can post your tracks, and I will send you feedback as soon as possible!
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