Storytelling in Music
The Seven Modes
Discover the art of storytelling in music and elevate your compositions with our comprehensive online course on the seven modes.
Learn how to infuse your music with depth, emotion, and originality and avoid the trap of generic, uninspired sounds. Enroll now and take your music to the next level.

What will you gain from this course?
Beyond Major and Minor
Learn how to use the seven modes for music that tells a story, without needing to read music or know music theory. Our course is practical, using your DAW for all lessons.
Stand Out with Emotional Depth
Use the seven modes to add new emotions and character to your music, making it more engaging and original. Move beyond the usual sounds to create tracks that capture attention.
Immediate Resources
Get immediate access to session files, including mixes, stems, and MIDI, to help you apply what you learn directly to your projects. This course gives you the tools to experiment and learn effectively.
Module 1: Storytelling Basics & Essentials
In this module, you will learn everything about scales, chords, and the seven modes. We also dive deep into writing meloldies, rhythm and mixing & mastering.
Module 2: Ionian
In this module, we delve into the Ionian mode, the cornerstone of the major scale, known for its bright and optimistic sound. We'll explore how to leverage the Ionian mode to infuse your compositions with a sense of hope, joy, and forward movement, without the need for complex music theory or reading sheet music. Through detailed explanations in your DAW and practical examples, you'll learn to craft music that tells engaging stories, equipped with the essential tools provided in the course.
Module 3: Dorian
In this module, we turn our focus to the Dorian mode, a versatile and slightly melancholic scale that stands out for its unique blend of minor and major qualities. You'll learn how to utilize the Dorian mode to add layers of complexity and emotional depth to your music, creating pieces that resonate with listeners on a profound level. Through intuitive guidance within your DAW, coupled with hands-on examples and accessible session files, we'll show you how to transform your compositions into captivating musical narratives that go beyond the conventional.
Module 4: Phrygian
In this module, we dive into the Phrygian mode, known for its exotic and mysterious qualities. This mode allows composers to venture into darker, more introspective musical territories, evoking feelings of tension and unrest. You'll learn to craft captivating soundscapes that intrigue and engage, all through direct application in your DAW. With comprehensive examples and resources, you're set to explore new dimensions in your music storytelling.
Module 5: Lydian
This module introduces you to the Lydian mode, celebrated for its dreamy and ethereal sound. The Lydian mode's raised fourth degree offers a unique sonic palette that can elevate your music with an airy, uplifting quality. We'll guide you through using this mode to inject a sense of wonder and escape into your compositions, using practical DAW sessions and detailed examples to illuminate your path to ethereal soundscapes.
Module 6: Mixolydian
In this module, we explore the Mixolydian mode, a perfect blend of the major scale's happiness with a twist of bluesy melancholy, thanks to its lowered seventh. This mode is ideal for creating groovy, feel-good music with an edge. Through hands-on DAW tutorials and provided session files, you'll learn to weave stories that balance joy and complexity, making your tracks stand out.
Module 7: Aeolian
The Aeolian mode, or natural minor scale, is the focus of this module. It's the backbone of much of today's music, offering a sound that's both familiar and deeply emotional. We'll show you how to harness the Aeolian mode to craft music that speaks to the soul, delving into techniques that evoke a range of emotions from sorrow to contemplation. With our DAW-based approach, you'll gain the skills to express nuanced emotional landscapes in your music.
Module 8: Locrian
This module is dedicated to the Locrian mode, the most enigmatic and tension-filled of all the modes. Known for its diminished fifth, the Locrian mode provides a dissonant, unstable sound that's perfect for creating suspense and unease. We'll guide you through the process of using the Locrian mode to add dramatic tension and an intriguing sense of anticipation to your compositions, supported by practical examples and extensive DAW resources.
Alex Pfeffer
Your Coach
I'm Alex from Hamburg, Germany, a composer with 17 years in the trailer music and video game industry.
After moving to Los Angeles in 1998 to study music, I started composing for trailers in 2005 with Dynamedion.
I've worked with top companies like Two Steps from Hell and contributed to movie trailers for Pacific Rim and Harry Potter, with my work appearing in over 60 TV shows.
My video game scores include titles like Crysis 2 and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I've collaborated with notable figures like Mick Gordon and written for leading sample library companies.
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