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Case Studies
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Nikita Malko
Music Composer
Nikita Malko was seeking a breakthrough in the competitive music industry but encountered barriers to growth and success.
He aimed to refine his career approach, focusing on business, mental health, and innovative strategies for a substantial impact.
Nikita's engagement in Alex Pfeffer's Audio Artist Rise program catalyzed a strategic overhaul, quickly leading to a major 5-figure deal in the video games industry within 90 days.
Check out his demo reel here.
"Alex teaches us some very creative, funny and effective ways of approaching clients, client interaction and all those kind of things composers and musicians who are mostly focused on the musical aspect typically forgets about and is just as important as the music.
I've been working with Alex for about two months and in, after a month in fact of working with him I already found my my highest paying gig I've ever had in my life."
Pablo del Pino
Music Composer, Pianist & Singer
Marco Herbert
Music Composer
"Most probably the best tutor and motivator availabe! I can only advise every composer or music producer in the trailer, film, and especially video game industry who is at odds with the business side or at the beginning of their career to take this business course. The content is not only overwhelming in quantity but also in quality – because it delivers what it promises! An almost endless number of well-structured and consecutive videos, as well as the super friendly phone calls and feedback conversations we regularly have, have brought me to a business level that I never thought possible and especially could not have achieved alone, despite numerous professional readings.
This is not my first course with Alex, except for the video game course, I have booked all of them over the last years. Therefore, it was practically mandatory for me to complete this coaching as well, as I highly value the quality of his courses and him as a person!
Alex is a motivator like probably no other - especially in difficult times. It's incredible how he can push you. Thank you very much Alex for this fantastic program."
"My goal was to step into the video games industry and ultimately write music for a video game. Not really knowing how to get there, Alex showed me the exact steps to take.
After sending a few emails, I literally got a reply within two minutes and got my first paid gig in the video games industry.
Every meeting with Alex brings some fresh perspective and actionable insights that you can implement right away."
Jesse Heslinga
Music Composer
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