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Forget the "struggling artist" script. Here's how to break free from the crowd and build a steady income in music composition
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How to Make a Steady Income as a Music Composer
Escape the "one-size-fits-all" approach and find your unique niche.
Ditch the royalty-free rabbit hole and make more out of your music.
Turn cold calls and application emails into connections and land high-paying projects.
— Become a social media maestro with minimal effort and maximum impact.
Are you ready to break free from the crowd and compose your own success story?
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Business Performance Mindset
Dein Mindset, um endlich in die Sichtbarkeit kommen zu dürfen und welches dir erlaubt Preise von 5.000€ bis 50.000€ für deine Dienstleistung zu verlangen
Scaling Up! - The German way
Die Prinzipien von Max Mustermann, die es ihm erst ermöglicht haben jedes Jahr den Umsatz mindestens zu verdreifachen und auch seinen Kunden auf fünf-, sechs- und siebenstelligen Monatsumsätze zu verhelfen
Verkaufen auf Knopfdruck
Es hilft dir einen Vertriebsprozess aufzubauen, der Verkaufen super einfach macht und jeden Tag neue Kundenanfragen einbringt und gleichzeitig so präzise funktioniert wie ein Schweizer Uhrwerk.
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Transform Your Music Demo Reel into a Client Magnet
Explore the groundbreaking Music Demo Reel Concept that's so innovative it might just leave your clients in awe! Whether you're a music composer, producer, or songwriter, this video is your gateway to crafting a unique music demo reel that truly stands out. Dive into exclusive tips on how to make a demo reel that not only impresses clients but also enhances your chances to land more gigs.
Do you want to be a successful music composer or not? It's time to get serious!
How to Make a Reliable Income as a Music Composer in 2024
Change THIS to become a successful music composer
My Courses
The digital age provides a wealth of information at our fingertips, almost 99% free. Yet, the true luxury in today's world is time. My courses offer a time-efficient solution, combining the distilled wisdom and expertise acquired over 18 years in the music industry.
Trailer Music Trailblazers
Unlock Your Trailer Music Potential and Gain Industry Recognition.
Game Music Conquerors
Fuel Your Artistry and Reshape Your Video Game Music Adventure
YouTube for Music Composers
Elevate Your Channel & Grow Your Audience
Storytelling in Music The Seven Modes
Discover the art of creating captivating musical narratives
Demo Reel Mastery
How to Avoid Losing Clients to Mediocre Demo Reels and Application Emails
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